Table B Cable Management

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Table B Cable Management  | BD Barcelona DesignTable B Cable Management  | BD Barcelona DesignTable B Cable Management  | BD Barcelona Design

Of Konstantin Grcic (Munich, 1965) his colleagues say that he is the new Achille Castiglioni. They recognise in him the marks of genious that the master left in his designs, the capacity to innovate with shapes and his outstanding profile as an industrial designer. Grcic represents perfection; he works thinking of industry and makes art out of it. Today he is one of the most influential designers of the world. Established designers recognise him and the new and youngest adore him. He has his own style which cannot be compared to that of anyone else. It is recognised in the functionality and simplicity of his designs, which are apparent, because concealed behind them there is always a lesson in technique.

Electrification system (Bachmann) with sliding lid in anodized aluminium that provides access to the inside from anywhere on the table. It includes a power data and VGA + stereo socket.




Extruded aluminium top with Scotch polishing and anodized silver. The top can be covered in simulated oak or coloured laminate: white, grey or black. There are two types of legs for the electrified table: stainless steel rod or in oak-coloured solid ash.


120 x 180 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 240 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 300 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 360 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 400 x h. 73,5 cm.
120 x 500 x h. 73,5 cm.

Year: 2009

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