Dalia Cabinet

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Dalia Cabinet | BD Barcelona DesignDalia Cabinet | BD Barcelona Design

We are happy to present the work of a young designer, illustrating the actuality and effervescence of Latin-American design. Joel Escalona works from Mexico City for European and American clients. He directs a professionally multi-disciplined studio completing projects with solvency; from taps and frying pans to extravagant furniture proposals. He has a pragmatic side and yet another artistic, a combination we look for in designers and those collaborating with BD. In this case, we have requested something more, a new cabinet for our collection, representing his roots. Its name is Dalia and is inspired in traditionally forged items, of which the purpose has always been one of protecting and decorating. Condensed into a stripped structure, strident and baroque as in Mexican culture. It’s a functional ornament and the very same author defines it this way: “Its design not only transmits elegance and complexity, but allows you to appreciate the contents inside, placed objects whose voices permeate - telling their story.''



Cast aluminium structure in an anthracite grey, textured lacquer finish. Top, bases and shelves are in an ultra-clear glass.


200 x 52 x h.68 cm

Year: 2017

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