Free Port Series Skin Cabinet

Free Port Series Skin Cabinet | BD Barcelona DesignFree Port Series Skin Cabinet | BD Barcelona DesignFree Port Series Skin Cabinet | BD Barcelona Design

BD has always tried to do what others do not do. Its collection of cabinets is the result of this, a type of furniture that had been forgotten or neglected, which was perfect for this purpose. Whilst is must be functional on the inside, the outside is a blank canvas for the imagination, and the item of furniture can be treated almost as a sculpture, with creative freedom, working with a range of very different artists and styles, whose differences fit together inside that concept without losing their personality. That is BD, and that is the source of the slogan ''BD is not a style'' that has been used in recent years. ''Free Port Series'' offers a generous exterior surface, making it the perfect piece for this digital printing project with Visual Melt because there is so much space for the imagination to roam free. That is what this is about. One of the possible configurations for this furniture, surely the most extreme, involves a balance that is apparently impossible and a profile that is suggestive of the silhouette of a powerful animal. That idea was the one given to Pepa Reverter to work with and she has interpreted this in her own personal style using charcoal pencils and modelling some ceramic details. Pepa has worked on the piece of furniture with an organic thought process, native to decoration, in such a way that the different surfaces of the coat act as a series of layers, immersed in the gestural graphism of charcoal as a tered strokes, broken and guided, imitate the skin as a notion of organic embellishment, focussed on the process to multiply the effects of the variations upon repetition. One principle of variation in repetition identifies the basic sections of the decorative tissue, the quintessence of the ''hub'' mechanism, capable of endlessly multiplying the stroke's movement, its imperfections, and the breakdown of the charcoal material. It is an aesthetic, decorative and repetitive experience that is different each time, depending on the tone resulting from the density of the graphite strokes on the medium's surface. The result is a piece that is more art than design and that could only find space at a company as special as BD.


Graphic by Pepa Reverter printed on MDF Fibralac of Finsa with Virtual Melt technology.

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