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Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu are NERI & HU; they have their studio —NHDRO— in Shanghai and represent the first generation of architects and designers working from China with talent and their own personality.
They are young, were trained in the US and have returned to the Asian giant with a wish to change the meaning of “Made in China”. Their collection “The Narcissist”, which they have made for BD is an example: it is designed in China and made in Barcelona. It seems the world in reverse, but this is just a sample of what is to come. Lyndon and Rossana’s work embodies a confluence of western contemporary design features and traditional oriental roots. This project arose from a script created to measure for them. These are dressing table pieces, a type of furniture —very common in oriental culture— which is in danger of extinction.

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Dressing table: Main body in beech plywood with the outer sides in DM lacquered in glossy black. The inside is solid oak with a natural varnish. Outer structure in iron and aluminium painted in micro-textured black. Mirror with concealed Led lights. The piece has a lock.
Stool: External structure in micro-textured black steel. Seat upholstered in black leather.


Dressing table:
86 x 34 x h.150 cm (close)
117 x 49 x h.150 cm (open)
Stool: 42 x 24 x h.45 cm

Year: 2011

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