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BDLove 2.0

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BDLove 2.0 | BD Barcelona DesignBDLove 2.0 | BD Barcelona DesignBDLove 2.0 | BD Barcelona DesignBDLove 2.0 | BD Barcelona Design

The Bdlove family is made up of a bench —Bdlove bench— big enough for up to ten people, seating which incorporates a lamp —Bdlove lamp— and another unit which is combined with a planter —Bdlove planter. They are all light, resistant and stackable, projected from rationality but with a backing for personality. They have been successful up till now and are soon to complete their first decade in the market. BD is celebrating the occasion by presenting versions with new finishes. Metallised and lacquered. So that they will continue to shine wherever they go.




Bench, lamp base and planter made in medium density polyethylene (MDPE). Lamp ring in cast aluminium. All lacquered in colours from the RAL card or with a chrome effect.


129 x 265 x h.94 cm
141 x 120 x h.300 cm
100 x 136 x h.48 cm

Year: 2010

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