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08005 Barcelona, España
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by eduard samsó

Mirallmar mirror  - BD Barcelona Design

The Mirallmar Mirror is one of BD's most iconic and prevailing designs from over 25 years ago, introduced for a special project called The Casa Barcelona for the 1992 Olimpic Games.

Mirallmar mirror  - BD Barcelona Design
Mirallmar mirror  - BD Barcelona Design
Mirallmar mirror  - BD Barcelona Design
Mirallmar mirror  - BD Barcelona Design
Mirallmar mirror  - BD Barcelona Design

Seven mirrors randomly deployed on a zig-zagging spine configure the object. The seven faces are a thought, an intuition and, as such, something never definitive, always unfinished... In order to be able to define themselves, they need a place to reflect and thus to inhabit. In contrast, at the spine everything is terminated, constructed... There everything is definitive and conclusive. Intentionally, a part of this spine is left exposed to view in order to give a few clues as to the laws governing its construction.


150 x 180 cm

materials and finishes

A multi-mirror display made up of 7 separate squared double faced mirrors in different sizes with variable positions. Flat mirrors except one concave mirror. Structure, nuts + bolts and discs in zinc-coated iron.








technical sheet



dwg, dxf


Eduard Samsó - BD Barcelona Design
eduard samsó

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