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candleholder - flower vase

remix vol. 4 dna

by mermelada studio

REmix Vol.4 DNA - BD Barcelona Design

Mermelada Estudio signs a new edition for the REmix project (Vol. 4), created for BD Barcelona Design with the objective of giving another chance to accumulated and obsolete materials in company warehouses. Old stock from bathroom accessories are now reborn, having new utility thanks to the imagination of the designers and the abilities of a master glass maker. Named DNA and as with all the REmix collections, is part of BD’s Art Editions catalogue and is a limited edition. The REmix project DNA is a whole collection of 60 unique pieces.

REmix Vol.4 DNA - BD Barcelona Design
REmix Vol.4 DNA - BD Barcelona Design
REmix Vol.4 DNA - BD Barcelona Design
REmix Vol.4 DNA - BD Barcelona Design
REmix Vol.4 DNA - BD Barcelona Design
REmix Vol.4 DNA - BD Barcelona Design

materials and finishes

Blue and white glass pieces attached together.

remix vol. 4 dna

remix vol. 4 dna

remix vol. 4 dna

remix vol. 4 dna






BD Barcelona Design

The idea that some of the most delicious dishes in the world are made from leftovers is the essence (or spirit) behind the Remix Collection. It is the recycling of or more of an upcycling, permitting a reinterpretation of components that are stored away from previous projects.

Barcelona is home to one of the most creative kitchens in the world and it comes as no suprise that our culinary heritage is an inspiration to us. In the same way that you listen to a familiar remixed song with a different rythme, you’re made to stop and reconsider your response to the sound. With REmix it is much the same, learning to look at familiar pieces in a new way, challenging our perception of what is an artistic piece, which means transforming a functional object - subverting practical use for beauty. How do we learn to see things in a different way? At a time when all of us should be thinking about how we can better use our resources, REmix raises the process of creating unique pieces and giving value to what already exists - infusing new life. A door handle converts into a candleholder, a cabinet acquires an intriguing tactile appearance. The possibilities are endless just as the imagination of any artist is and who is willing to take on the challenge. The REmix series is always a limited edition development (until stocks last). This project goes beyond the creation of eye catching innovations. It forms a pattern which we hope others will follow as a solution to the problem of excess pieces in storage, destined to be destroyed. REmix is a movement as well as a collection.

BD Barcelona Design
candleholder - flower vase
BD Barcelona Design
bookshelves and bookends
BD Barcelona Design
BD Barcelona Design


Mermelada Studio - BD Barcelona Design
mermelada studio

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