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walking hen

by aisha al sowaidi

Walking Hen - BD Barcelona Design

Limited edition serie of 8 unique pieces + 2 prototypes + 2 artist proofs.

Walking Hen - BD Barcelona Design
Walking Hen - BD Barcelona Design
Walking Hen - BD Barcelona Design
Walking Hen - BD Barcelona Design

People shape cultures, and cultures shape lives. Each home, in each culture, creates a sense of belonging based on unique architecture, objects, traditions, and the people that inhabit it. The concept of this object to weave together these experiences. The hen, which in the past was found in most homes, providing eggs and meat, represents home and living. The candle holder brings a sense of home, whilst the hen standing on the egg, represents the transformed city. This is the story how the egg and the hen, the city and the culture, each formed the other in a cycle of creation, always posing the question: What came first?


21 x 30 h. cm

materials and finishes

24 carat gold plated cast brass claws and steel link. Cement eggs.

walking hen

walking hen

walking hen

walking hen




technical sheet




BD Barcelona Design

PostCraft is a collection that builds cultural bridges, inviting us to broaden our view of the world, to look beyond the borders of Europe and the West and to consider that art and creativity can create new and important dialogues that benefit us all.

Limited edition serie of 8 unique pieces + 2 prototype + 2 artist proof.

Throughout the centuries we looked to the moon observing it’s phases, it’s soft birth, it’s glories bloom and it’s quiet thinning. The stages in the lunar calendar and the changes they carry with them are thought to affect the human mind, emotions and even behavior. It is more than a calendar and more than a vision lighting up our darkness, it is a mirror, it is ourreflection. The “Lunar Tale” is an installation where mirrors and brass are interlaced and locked into unique pattern, depicts these phases of the moon in a formidable work of art.

BD Barcelona Design
BD Barcelona Design
BD Barcelona Design
BD Barcelona Design
BD Barcelona Design


Aisha Al Sowaidi - BD Barcelona Design
aisha al sowaidi

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