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BD participates in EXPO 2020 Dubai and MENASA with the Doobide Collection

Doobide Collection is a special edition design collection inspired by the Coffee Making tradition.

Designed by Alfredo Häberli for BD Barcelona in collaboration with Bait Al Gahwa.

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BD Barcelona Design
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BD Barcelona Design
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The practice of serving Gahwa (Arabic coffee) has been a tradition of Emirati society for centuries: visitors are welcomed with coffee and it is used to open ceremonies and start conversations, symbolising hospitality and generosity. Recognising its importance in Emirati and other Arab societies, the rituals of the preparation and presentation of Arabic coffee were accorded Intangible Cultural Heritage status by UNESCO in 2015.

Seeking to highlight this tradition so rich in cultural significance for Emirati society, MENASA launched a collaboration between internationally renowned Swiss-Argentinian product designer Alfredo Häberli, leading design brand BD Barcelona Design, and Bait Al Gahwa, an initiative of the Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi to safeguard the cultural heritage of the UAE, support traditional practices and nurture communities of practice that are related to the craft of Gahwa making.

The result is a remarkable tableware collection, combining the heritage of Gahwa with the best in international contemporary design.

Drawing on the rituals of Gahwa, the architecture and culture of the UAE, Alfredo Häberli has designed a collection of contemporary porcelain coffee sets and drinkware - the first tableware collection produced by BD Barcelona Design in its 50-year history. The stackable coffee cups reference the contemporary architecture of the UAE and the etiquette by which coffee cups are stacked and then offered to guests. One of the sets is finished in white and gold, etched with patterns that evoke the traditional Areesh (palm frond) desert shelters where coffee was prepared, while a companion set is finished in deep green and platinum. As a complement to these two coffee sets, Alfredo Häberli has also designed a colourful set of stackable coffee cups in dusty pink and gray.

What is MENASA – Emirati Design Platform?

MENASA is a platform for Emirati crafts and design at Expo 2020 Dubai, presented by the Design and Crafts Programme.
The collective approach of MENASA, which means ‘platform’ in Arabic, is inspired by the theme and spirit of Expo 2020 Dubai, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. By bringing together artisans and designers from the UAE and around the world, MENASA is nurturing a rich cultural and creative dialogue, aiming to ignite a new perception of local crafts as a contemporary and living expression of Emirati cultural identity, locally and globally.
MENASA tells the stories of the UAE of today through exclusive curated design collections by over 40 local and international designers, displayed within a vibrant design and retail space at Al Wasl Plaza, at the heart of Expo 2020 Dubai. It maps the diversity and breadth of the Emirati design scene, showcasing established and emerging designers, as well as the public and private organisations that support the local crafts and design community. It is the largest ever gathering of local and international designers celebrating Emirati crafts and design. MENASA - Emirati Design Platform is located at the ground level of the Rove Expo 2020 hotel, next to Al Wasl Plaza, MENASA – Emirati Design Platform will be open daily for the duration of Expo 2020 Dubai.

What are the CRAFT STORIES?

Craft Stories tells stories of today’s UAE through seven curated design collections, exploring a selection of the country’s crafts and traditions in a contemporary and innovative approach. Commissioned by MENASA - Emirati Design Platform, local and international designers were invited to explore and represent seven Emirati crafts and traditions - Pottery, Safeefa (palm frond weaving), Talli (embroidery), Sadu (Bedouin weaving), Gargour making (wire-crafted fish traps), Pearl Diving and Coffee Making. The resulting design collections merge the skills and rich heritage of Emirati artisans, together with contemporary creativity and innovation in techniques and materials, in a multi-layered journey. Visitors are drawn further into the intimate worlds of the artisans, their crafts and the design and production processes behind each collection through a series of documentaries shot on location across the UAE.