Jordi Badía

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Jordi | BD Barcelona Design

Born in Barcelona in 1959. Influenced since childhood Supermarionation the TV series "Supercar", "Thunderbirds", the film "2001: a Space Odyssey" and Olivier Mourgue furnishings and Eero Saarinen, he studied medicine, specializing in stomatology. Equipped with capacity for aesthetic enjoyment and inventiveness, suffers from a persistent lumbago. After receiving his PhD "cum laude" from the University of Barcelona, he began studying architecture at the ETSAB. The persistence of contractures lead him to design and patent the chair "Binary", which will receive am award Silver Delta ADI-FAD 2005, in collaboration with the designer Otto Canalda. Spurred by the launch of the little sister of the Millennium Falcon, it develops several patents do not plan to keep paying. His chronic low back pain has disappeared.

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