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General Conditions for BD BARCELONA 1972, S.L. in compliance with Law 34/2002 Social Information Services and Electronic Commerce

1.- General Conditions for the use of and website.

Access and use of the web page and including subdomains and directories, as well as services or content found there within, are subject to the terms detailed in the legal notice outlined in the General Conditions and Special Conditions, which the final client may be made to sign. The use made of the website, material or services, including content within, implies acceptance of these and any amended legal terms and any regulative provisions implemented and enforced at any given time, being updated and published online with no necessary individual warning or notice.

BD Barcelona 1.972, S.L. reserves the right to make changes on-line without giving any prior notice, with the objective of updating, correcting, amending, adding or eliminating content and or it’s design. The specific website content and services provided are updated periodically. Due to updates not taking effect immediately, we suggest a verification of services and content taken from the website to be made, to ensure that the information is current and accurate.

The terms and conditions that are published in this notice can change at any time and every time the website is visited, due to a revision of the same.


BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. is exempt from any type of liability when the information published on it’s website has been taken and manipulated, or introduced by an external third party. The website’s service provider may use cookies (small data files that the server sends to the browser’s computer) to complete certain functions which are considered essential for correct operation and visualisation of the site. Cookies used on the website are always temporary with the sole purpose of efficient transmission whilst connected, which later disappear once the user ends session. Never are cookies used to gather personal information. It is possible that when using a client’s web page, a user be redirected to third party content on another website. Given that the lender cannot always control content posted on a client’s website, no type of responsibility is taken for such content. The lender manifests that when content is found which is contrary to national or international legislation, moral or public order, will proceed with deleting any connection to such a web page immediately, informing the competent local authorities of the content in question. The lender takes no responsibility for information or stored content including but not limited to, forums, chats, blogs, comments, social networks and or any other means that permits a third party to publish content which is posted independent to the lenders web page. However in accordance with the section, under article 11 and 16 of the LSSI-CE, the lender avails all users, authorities and security forces, and actively collaborates with the withdrawal or blockage of content that might affect or contravene national or international legislation, third party rights, or moral or public order. If under any circumstances the user considers that there exists content which is susceptible to this classification, it is requested that notification be made immediately to the website administrator. This website has been reviewed and approved for its correct function.In principle, it can ensure the correct operation 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, the provider does not rule out the possibility that there are certain programming errors, or that happen due to force majeure, natural disasters, strikes or similar circumstances make it impossible to access the website.

3.-Rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property

The design of and, source codes, website and all it’s content, for example the formative material, logo, brand and other distinctive signs which appear on the web, belong to BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. and are protected by the corresponding Intellectual and Industrial Rights, with the exception of some elements needing licenses or derivatives with specific license conditions.

BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. declares that with respect to it’s Intellectual and Industrial Property for third parties, that if the rights (of the third party) are considered to be violated, that they get in contact with BD Barcelona 1.972, S.L.


Authorization for the total or partial reproduction of the contents of the site and materials is restricted, always requiring the prior permission of BD Barcelona 1972, SL. Once authorized the reproduction under the preceding paragraph, require the authorized force yourself to keep the reference to the ownership of BD Barcelona 1972, SL and the reference to the current legal notice.

5.- Links or Hyperlinks

BD Barcelona 1.972, S.L. avails access from “” and "" to other web pages which are considered to be of interest, much the same as the links with illustrative learning content included for the material. The objective of such links is to make the search for resources that may be of interest via the internet, or to illustrate the educative content included in the training programme for some of the modules as part of the offer for distance learning.

However, it does not belong to such pages, nor are reviews of their content made and for this, cannot take responsibility of these for the function of the page linked or of the possible damages that can be derived upon access or use of the same.

A web or email address linked to or is not permitted unless it is expressly authorised in writing by BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. Additionally, such links should respect the following conditions: (a) links should only be made to the Home Page or principal page to access the website; (b) the link of the establishment does not imply any type of agreement, contract, sponsorship or recommendation on the part of BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. for the page initiating the link.

BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. can withdraw authorisation mentioned in the previous paragraph at any given time, without cause or reason. In such a case, the page having such a link must proceed by immediately deleting it as soon as notification that the authorisation has been revoked by BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. has been received.

6.- Privacy Policy

BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. is the sole entity responsible for the supplied, generated data file containing information of a personal nature of users of and

In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 dated 13th of December for Data Protection of a Personal Nature, BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. complies to fulfill with respect the obligation to keep secret any information of a personal nature and the duty of treating such with confidentiality. To this effect, will take the necessary measurements to avoid alterations, loss or tampering of and or unauthorised access.

The automatic collection and processing of personal data is used for the management, provision and improvement of services solicited every time by the user, and to follow up user enquiries.The user can use his right of access at any moment, to rectify, cancel or to object by getting in touch with BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. at the following address: C/ Ramón Turró, 126, 08005 Barcelona (Spain) either by visiting in person or expressing in writing accompanied with a photocopy of I. D.

You will have the possibility of exercising your right of access, rectification, cancelation and objection of your personal data which exists on BD Barcelona 1972, S.L.’s database, requesting such in any way with recorded proof of request being sent and delivered. To exercise your rights, direct written correspondence to BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. at the address in the previous paragraph.

BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. maintains levels of data protection for personal information in accordance with the ROYAL DECREE (REAL DECRETO) 1720/2007, dated the 21st of December, through which it approves the Regulation Development of the Organic Law (Ley Orgánica) 15/1999, dated the 13th of December, for the protection of data of a personal nature, and has established all the technical means within reach to avoid loss, mal-usage, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of data you have availed with exception that internet security measures are pregnable.

BD Barcelona 1.972, S.L. reserves the faculty to modify the present Privacy Policy to adapt to new legislation, jurisprudential or the interpretation of the Spanish Data Protection Agency. In this case, BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. will announce any changes in advance, clearly indicating the modifications made and requesting if the need being, acceptance of such changes.

7.-Aplicable Law and Jurisdiction

The Law applicable in the case of dispute or conflict of the interpretation of the terms which form part of this Legal Warning, including any questions related to the services of this web page, will be the Spanish Law.

For the resolution of any conflict that may occur when visiting the web page, or the use of the services provided, BD Barcelona 1972, S.L. and the User accept to subject themselves to the Judges and Courts of Barcelona City (Spain).

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