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Tierra y Luna Carpets

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Tierra y Luna Carpets | BD Barcelona Design

“For thousands of years people have depicted the firmament on the ceilings of their dwellings. Would it not be fitting, now that we know what the Earth looks like, to have it under our feet? At firts I wanted to make a rug that would look like the ground. I had fun making it round because so few rugs have that shape. And then I thought, what if I made the Earth? I knew I had seen it many times, but where? We tried NASA, and finally the Barcelona Science Museum. I felt it would be highly evocative to use the Earth for a rug. I had a lot of help from Carlos Nicolau, an architecture student who was working with me”. Six colours represent the seas, the rivers, the clouds... The idea for the Moon rug was derived from that.

Design by Óscar Tusquets in 1987


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