Alkimia Restaurant - Barcelona (Spain)

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Alkimia Restaurant - Barcelona (Spain) | BD Barcelona DesignAlkimia Restaurant - Barcelona (Spain) | BD Barcelona DesignAlkimia Restaurant - Barcelona (Spain) | BD Barcelona Design

The rise of this Barcelona restaurant, run by the youthful Jordi Vilà and Sonia Profitós, has been surprising because of the speed with which it won its first Michelin star, in 2008. Yet another success for Spanish avant-garde – and signature – cuisine, which has become famed worldwide for its complex-free commitment to imagination, albeit without forgetting the importance of tradition and the worth of a job done well. The same today goes for design, which has a good example in the Showtime collection designed by Jaime Hayon. Oysters with spicy coconut or cauliflower couscous may be as surprising as a piece of furniture with many and different legs that are inspired by styles that may also belong to other cultures. The premises that house Alkimia are of a sombre aesthetic, which is why they have chosen one of the more sombre versions from among the many possibilities of combinations of colours and finishes offered by the Showtime range of chairs, to make sure that they blend with the setting and that the real and rightful stars are the dishes.

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