Restaurant of the Casino - Madrid (Spain)

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Restaurant of the Casino - Madrid (Spain) | BD Barcelona Design Restaurant of the Casino - Madrid (Spain) | BD Barcelona Design

Renovate or die. Even the most traditional establishments have to one day, and in the case of the restaurant of the Casino de Madrid, the refurbishment has been total. The kitchen has seen the arrival of Paco Roncero, brought in by Ferrán Adrià, who has been advisor to the restaurant since 1998, while the front of house has been invaded by Jaime Hayon in his first interior design project for a restaurant in no less than the city of his birth. Just one more reason to take special care in giving the best of himself, which he did, transforming the place but not its luxurious essence. La Terraza del Casino continues to be an elegant and sumptuous place, of a high level yet suited to the aesthetic of the modern age. It is in this setting that the designer from Madrid best develops and where his ceramics, lamps, washbasins and highly personal furniture shine the brightest, especially the unique Showtime easy chair in its interior version with hood.

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