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Ramon Úbeda is the Renaissance Man of design moving easily between creating, directing and writing on the subject.

Ramón Úbeda (Jaén, 1962) is an architect by training, journalist by profession and designer by vocation. Over his publishing career he has been editor of the magazines, De Diseño and Ardi, as well as contributing to world renowned publications including Diseño Interior, Experimenta, Domus and Frame, together with a number of books on the subject.

As a curator his projects have included exhibitions for Fundación Signes and FAD, where he was responsible for initiatives such as Terminal B and Mater. In parallel, he has an extensive body of work as a designer, both graphic and industrial, including household objects and lighting for companies like Rapsel, Metalarte, ABR and Mosaics Martí. However it is an art director that he feels more realised, his clients include Camper and ArtQuitect. He began collaborating with Bd Barcelona design in 1997 as a graphic designer and since 2001 to 2022, he was also responsible for all its furniture design.

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