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When Design is Art

Barcelona’s streets are like an extraordinary art museum that happens to be outdoors. Its collection of beautiful buildings, squares and monuments is the very inspiration that 50 years ago encouraged a group of local talented architects to create design that was worthy of their surroundings. The result of that youthful energy and vision is BD Barcelona Design. The same city streets are now home to that vision which is now reaching around the globe. Art and design in communion, as one, just like the very streets that inspired it in the first place.

BD & Salvador Dalí

Long before Post Modernism and Pop Art there was Salvador Dalí. This towering figure of the 20th Century still has a lot to teach us. Thanks to the vision of BD these lessons are made tangible through design.

BD & Antoni Gaudí

Art Editions is what happens when craft, ergonomics, beauty and function come together through design. Sometimes this happens over a hundred years ago like the pieces Gaudí created for his clients, the mantle is passed to BD.