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We’re different.

In 1972, a group of young architects and designers from Barcelona created BD with the aim of producing and marketing furniture and other objects for our projects, with complete creative freedom and with a criterion that has turned out to be quite different from the norm at companies in the sector, regarding both the shape and function.

Pioneers of Spanish design.

We began coming up with our own designs, like those of other authors we admired, from Ettore Sottsass to Álvaro Siza Viera. We were pioneers of design in Spain, supported by those who were seeking something different from what was on the market at the time. And many of those pieces from our beginnings still remain.

Design for architects.

BD has played a leading role in the international renown of Spanish design, both last century and this one. Architecture is in our blood, and we have always designed with the mentality of an architect, while thinking about the needs of the contract. Both for interiors and exteriors.

We believe in creative freedom.

For a long time, our commercial name was BD Ediciones de Diseño, an atypical company among furniture manufacturers and one that was difficult to categorize because of the diversity of our catalogue. Eclecticism and the freedom to apply and tap into our extensive creative thought continue to be our principal hallmarks today. Also the quality of good manufacturing.

We cultivate beauty.

The founders and still current owners – originating from the world of culture, not business – oriented production based on cultivating beauty, right from the beginning. In some cases giving priority to beauty over function, while combining artisan processes with industrial technologies, venturing on the luxury of things well done and distancing ourselves from mass production.

We offer exclusive products.

We have a dual personality, with part of our catalogue being manufactured in a limited edition under the BD Art Editions label. That’s where the Dalí designs are, which we produce exclusively in the world, or the furniture and other pieces by Gaudí, recovered from history, which share the leading role with contemporary artists such as Alessandro Mendini and Jaime Hayon.

Our style is not having one.

We can combine the most unlikely proposals with the elegance of classic designs, but also use our imagination to invent objects that respond to unresolved needs. From an ergonomic urban bench to a top-loading mailbox, or aluminium shelving capable of holding heavy books for over 45 years.

We are conscious.

The most sustainable design is one that lasts commercially over time or one that is inherited because of its emotional value. Through projects such as REmix, we reconvert the remains of components that are generated during production processes, thereby giving them a new life. We encourage other manufacturers to do the same.

Long-lived and nonconformist.

About to turn 50, we continue to have the same nonconformist spirit we had at the outset, working with some of the best designers on the planet and with others who will be, to continue learning and surprising every year. We combine art with functionality to offer unique pieces with a strong personality.

The sum of many things.

The BD brand, which means Barcelona Design, has been enriched by all the designs we’ve produced, and it is the heterogeneous result of the sum of many things, including talent and a sense of humour, openness to cultures and respect for the classics. Memory, tradition, innovation and much imagination.

From Barcelona to the world.

We produce in Barcelona to furnish unique spaces everywhere in the world. Both in the home and on projects for offices, hotels, restaurants and public places. We are present in over 60 countries at the best designer shops and at art galleries, while also cooperating with the most avant-guard interior design and architecture studios.

Recognized and appreciated.

Our work has been recognized with numerous national and international awards, including the most important ones that can be given to a company in our sector: National Design Award in 1989 and European Community Design Prize in 1990. In addition to numerous Gold Deltas from ADI FAD and the Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best in 2011.

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